History at Lewis School Pengam aims to stimulate pupils’ imagination, thereby drawing them into the subject. We aim to bring History to life, to help our pupils understand it, and to develop and foster a love of learning. We hope to instil enjoyment and enthusiasm in our learners, and to inspire them. Pupils will also understand that the process of history relies upon discussion and debate and at every opportunity we aim to support the development of communication skills, thinking skills and importantly their literacy and numeracy skills. In History we help prepare our pupils for life after school, developing essential skills for their future creating confident and independent individuals.

What we study
Key Stage 3
Year 7:
1. Why did William win the Battle of Hastings?
2. How did William control England and Wales by 1100?
3. Challenges to the King
4. Medieval Society

Year 8:
1. What were the major changes and events during the Tudor period?
2. Was Charles I – a martyr or tyrant?
3. Who wanted their liberty and why (Revolutions in America, France and England)?
4. The Atlantic Slave Trade

Year 9:
1. The development of women in the 19th and 20th century
2. Why is WWI known as the Great War?
3. 1920s America
4. Key events during WWII and the Holocaust

Key Stage 4
WJEC Route A
Unit 1: Germany in transition 1919-1947
Unit 2: Austerity, Affluence and Discontent in the UK 1951 – 1975
Unit 3: The development of the USA 1930 – 2000
Unit 4: Controlled Assessment

Key Stage 5
Unit 1: Revolution and New Ideas in Europe 1780 – 1881
Unit 2: Royalty, Rebellion and Republic – The Pressure on the Monarchy and the drift to Civil War 1629 – 1642
Unit 3: The American Century 1890 – 1990
Unit 4: Royalty, Rebellion and Republic – Civil War, Commonwealth and Protectorate 1642 – 1660
Unit 5: Interpretations of the Holocaust

Miss B Davies – Head of Department
Miss K Thomas
Miss S Jenkins
Mr C Parry
Mr M Oliver