Personal and Social Education

Personal and Social Education


Lewis School Pengam recognises the value of Personal and Social Education (P.S.E) and the important contribution it can make by providing all pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

P.S.E deals with topics and issues which are relevant to the needs of ALL young people, as such it can be said to be all about ‘Learning for Life’. Lessons in P.S.E. prepare pupils to take their place in adult life, by enabling them to develop a sense of self worth and relate effectively to others.
Pupils in years 7 – 9 are taught P.S.E through one lesson a fortnight. In years 10 and 11 pupils experience P.S.E related topics during their compulsory Welsh Baccalaureate lessons.

P.S.E. aims to:-
Develop pupils’ self-esteem & personal responsibility
Enable pupils to make informed & sensible decisions
Provide pupils with the skills, attitudes & understanding necessary to achieve maturity & become responsible citizens
Assist pupils to live healthy & fulfilled lives by providing accurate, up to date information about health matters — whilst highlighting the dangers involved in leading certain lifestyles
Furnish pupils with the facts they need in order to solve their own problems & inform them where they can get expert help if they need it.

It is provided through classroom teaching encouraging discussion and group work, through topical plays and extensive liaison with external agencies that bring their expertise and unique perspective.

P.S.E. is a non-examinable subject which uses extensive liaison with external agencies that bring their expertise and unique perspective.

Topics include but are not limited to:
Antisocial behaviour Bullying
Careers and work-related learning
Economic and financial awareness
Emotional and mental health Internet safety
Personal choices Sex and relationships