Key Stage 4

YEAR 10 & YEAR 11


The next two years will be an important time in your education.  For the first time you will able to choose what subjects you want to continue to study.  Choosing the subjects that you are going to study can be a scary time.  There are probably a lot of questions that you want to ask.  You might be wondering: 

  • How do I know if I’m choosing the right subjects? 
  • What if I pick the wrong ones?  
  • Will I be able to change my mind?
  • What if my friends aren’t in the same class?  

At LSP we provide a wide range of GCSEs and level 2 BTEC as well as other level 2 vocational courses to choose from.  Hopefully this prospectus will help you choose the subjects that are right for you.  Further information is available from your subject teachers and subject leads.  All staff at LSP are experienced and able to offer advice and guidance to support you in choosing your subjects.

As you progress into years 10 and 11, you will continue to benefit from strong academic and pastoral support and will be able to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities including school trips, sports, music and SEREN.

Talk to your teachers, your Head of Year, the Careers Advisor and other students who already follow the course you’re are interested in. You will then be able to make an informed choice about what you would like to study next year.  

Lastly, GCSEs are important, but they can’t and won’t define the rest of your life.  If you start doing one subject and quickly realise it’s not right for you, we will let you swap to another subject.


What subjects?

In years 10 and 11, you will get the chance to decide what qualifications you want to study.

You will get to choose some subjects but there are others that you will have to take.  The following subjects are considered vital in all schools:

  • English Language 
  • Maths and Numeracy
  • Science
  • Welsh
  • RE
  • Welsh Baccalaureate Skills Challenge

It is important to try and get at least a grade C in Maths and English in particular, as these subjects are valued by employers, colleges and universities alike.   Some apprenticeships will also require you to achieve a grade C in GCSE Maths and English.  If you do not achieve a grade C in these subjects, it might limit the choices you have when you make your next big decision at age 16.

In addition to these subjects, you can choose three other subjects that you would like to study.