English Language – GCSE

Qualification: WJEC GCSE in English Language

Course Overview

Through studying a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, you will explore how language shapes meaning. You will learn a variety of different writing styles, both fiction and non-fiction, including how to write formal letters, speeches, narratives, articles, and blogs. To be successful, you will have to demonstrate that you can communicate effectively with other students and show proficiency in accessing and retrieving information from a wide range of sources.

You will be assessed through two examinations, each 2 hours long, and each accounting for 40% of your overall grade. The remaining 20% of your marks are generated from a speaking & listening non-examination assessment.

There is just one tier of entry and you will be awarded a grade from an A* – G.

A grade C, or higher, in this subject is essential for university later in life and is highly valued by colleges and employers alike. 

Prior Learning

There are no specific prior learning requirements, however, this course builds on the progress and levels of literacy expected at KS3.

The study of GCSE English language covers the key skills of reading, writing and communicating.

Course Content

The course is comprised of the following:

Unit 1 – Speaking & Listening Non-examination assessment (worth 20% of the overall grade).

Students are required to perform an individual presentation lasting 3-5 minutes, which is recorded. Students also take part in a group discussion on a selected topic that must last 10 minutes.

Unit 2 – Fiction worth 40% of the overall grade.

Unit 3 – Non-Fiction worth 40% of the overall grade. Units 1 and 2 are each assessed with a 2 hour written examination. 

Course Specification:

WJEC GCSE in English Language